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YouTube, songs and Content ID: what is it all about?

We all love a well-done YouTube video. And we definitely love it better if there is a nice background music accompanying the images. Hence, no wonder why most YouTubers declare to use some kind of music in their videos (50% of them use always songs in their videos!).
Senza titoloThis may not look like a great deal, but if you think for a moment, it actually is. Every day users from all over the world watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube – and based on our survey it is fair to assume that half of these videos contain some sort of music. Now, this is a very big deal – especially when you consider the financial aspects of it.
To deal with copyright issues, YouTube has created the Content ID system. The idea is simple: the rightsholders give YouTube a copy of their original content (for example, their songs) and the system automatically scan all the videos on YouTube to see if anyone is using that content. The holders of the copyright can decide what to do if anyone is using their content: although they have the option to block any video using it, most of the time they will opt for the monetization, i.e. they will receive a share of the advertising revenues running on videos using their content.
There have been cases in which a channel has been closed due to multiple copyright strikes (e.g. the Majestic Casual channel, which was later restored), but it is fair to assume that most of the time the content creators will opt for the monetization or they will decide to simply mute their content in certain countries. If you are using a song in your video and want to know which rules the author has set up, you can check out this directory – this might be useful for example to see if that content is blocked in your target country: if that is the case, you probably should consider a different song.

This is all – let us know if you ever had any problem using songs on YouTube and how you solved the situation!