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YouTube: what’s new this week?

Are you having a hard time trying to keep up with all the news on YouTube?

Here you can find a selection of useful articles from the last week.. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them!

  • YouTube hosted a great broadcast event in New York, showing the marvellous results obtained by the platform in the last year! More details in their post
  • In the same event, YouTube  declared it reaches more US 18-49 year olds during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined. Read more in this article
  • Rumors have that YouTube is working on a subscription service (similar to HBO) to bring TV shows in every home. Curious? Read this article!
  • Great news for football fans! YouTube is going to broadcast the Champions League and Europa League finals free of charge! More news on this Wired article
  • For those of you interested in copyright claims, here an interesting article on the YouTuber that has spoiled all the seasons of Games of Thrones


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