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Lost in.. YouTube? – Top tips and resources to get started


Did you ever try to search for useful resources for YouTubers? We did and, let me tell you, it is quite painful. How can one manage to find anything  in the jungle out there?

Well, no need to worry: we got you covered! In this article you will find a list of great blogs, websites and channels with useful stuff for YouTubers like you!

Let’s start from the official sources, i.e. the ones powered by YouTube and Google:

  • The most important one is the Creator Academy: it’s essentially a school to learn how to make great videos and how to become a great YouTuber. If you are at the beginning of your YouTube journey, you definitely want to check it out
  • If you want to keep up with the latest official news, YouTube has a wonderful blog where he updates the world on what is new on the platform: perfect if you want to know what is happening out there
  • If you are only interested in some tips and tricks, you may want to subscribe to the official YouTube channel that helps creators like you: most of the things here will already be known, but you might find some useful inspiration for your next videos or on how to make more money as a YouTuber.. Also, you might find some useful info in the comments under the videos!


If you are in the mood for reading something, here some awesome websites to find useful information, latest news and great advice for YouTubers:

  • Reelseo: the video marketer’s guide
  • Video Creators: the website to help building up your YouTube strategy
  • Famebit Blog: if you are looking for info on how to properly monetize your YouTube channel
  • Ritual network blog: a collection of interesting news on the  YouTube world
  • New RockStars: as the name suggests, this is the place to find news on YouTube stars
  • Vlognation: the place to go if you want to start (or you already have) your own vlog


Last but not least, here some website that can provide useful resources on how to promote your online presence (not only on YouTube, but on Social Network in general):

Do you know any other great website that might be helpful? Let us know! Leave a comment or write to us!






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